Video Resume Making Tips

With the development of new technology, everything can be done more and more creative. So does the resume making. How to attract employer's attention among thousands of resume applications? We need to do something special. Video resume is really a good idea. Video resume is a way of expressing employee's characteristics and capabilities through digital devices recording. After you edit and convert the video format, you can send it to the employers. They will know you better after watching the video in a short time.
Now, let's get the most simplest method as below.
Firstly, you should prepare all the personal materials and video recording tools.
1. You should have a video recording tool. DV is the best. If you don't have a DV, you can also record video by your iPhone. You'd better test it before the real recording.
2. You should prepare all your personal materials. You'd better remember what you want to say before recording, so that you won't pause your shooting when you forget what to say.
3. You can shoot and put your personal diploma, degree certificates and qualification certificates at the beginning of the resume. Some companies attach importance to the educational background and certifications.
4. If necessary, you can download some pictures and videos you can use in your video.

Secondly, you should do the post-production to improve your videos.
Videos can't be perfect after the shooting. You can trim the video fragment you need from the original file. You can load a piece of background music to your video. You can edit the pictures you need in Photoshop program and insert to your video resume. You can even load your subtitles to the video. After these editions, it will become completely different.
After you edit your video, you can send it to the employers through E-mail or you can upload on internet. When you record video by your iPhone, it must be in mov format. If you consider more and want to get a good way of how to convert mov to mpeg for better view, you can make use of this mac video converter. In fact, if you just need a simple edition, you can also edit videos on this program. That will simplify your video making process.
If you haven't a dv or an iPhone, you can also go to the professional video resume service websites. They will provide the easiest method that you can make a video resume on your computer.
1. Different jobs have different requirements. Different employees have different characteristics too. You should record a video according to the job requirements and your own specialty. Please pay attention that you should highlight your advantages.
2. Do not put many artsy shots in your video. You should show your reality to your employers.
3. You should attire yourself to give them the able and wise impression.
Any good suggestions, you can also share with us. If you want to know more about how to convert MOV to MPEG on mac, you can go to for more information .

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