Video Resume - 6 Tips To Increase Your Interviewing Chances

In a competitive job market, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In the past, first impressions were primarily based on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, but now employers are beginning to incorporate video into their recruitment program to identify qualified candidates that they would like to interview.
It is important that you take advantage of the latest recruitment trends to increase your chances of getting an interview. Consider developing a video resume that allows you to demonstrate your personality and communication skills as well as highlight top qualities that may not be tangible in your resume. No matter how well-written your resume may be, there is no substitute for allowing employers to get to know you on a more personal level.
Below are a few tips on how to create an effective video resume:
1. Keep it short and simple. Your video should be limited to one to three minutes in length. Identify a few key aspects of your experience, achievements or abilities that you want to focus on that will add value to the employer. It is important to stay focused and remember sometimes less is more.

2. Be yourself. Although it is helpful to have an idea of what you would like to say, it is important to keep it natural to avoid sounding scripted. Use your video resume to show off your personality and remember to smile and maintain eye contact throughout the video.
3. Dress appropriately. A video resume should be treated like a preliminary interview, so it is important to dress professionally according to the level of position. By dressing too casually, you may send the wrong message to potential employers.
4. Do a practice run. Film a few practice runs to be sure you are comfortable in front of the camera. It is also helpful to get feedback from others, so consider practicing on a friend or two.
5. Highlight top qualities. Use your video resume to highlight your top qualities and strong points. Remember to use quantifiable results when possible and highlight any specific accomplishments or special abilities that relate to the position.
6. Finish strong. The point of the video resume is to land an interview in person, so it is important to restate in one sentence what you can do for the company. Also be sure to include an invitation for the employer to learn more about you in person.
Create It, Then Promote It!
Once your video resume has been created, it is important to develop a plan to promote it to potential employers. Be sure to activate and take advantage of your Online Career Portfolio which is a great way to market yourself and get noticed by employers. You can now easily add your video resume to your Online Career Portfolio as an added value to employers.
Don't be the only candidate without a video resume. Create one today and get more interviews tomorrow. Now may even be a good time to consider re-writing your resume and we would be happy to help.
It is important to be aware of new developments in your industry and recruiting trends and continue to apply new ways to market yourself to potential employers through multiple communication channels. These are some of the best ways to stay ahead of other candidates. We wish you the best of luck with your job search!
It is hard enough to find work as it is already, why not put yourself ahead of the competition.
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